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Recovery Myths in Working Out that You Might Already Encounter

by Darryl Beck

Some people might think that training day and night on a daily basis will make you the best in your chosen sport. It’s not different with working out, some gym goers think that lifting for hours everyday will make you buff and stronger. But working this hard is not the best for anyone. We need to allot a room for recovery especially our muscles and the whole body. A proper recovery time, accompanied with proper nutrition and supplements for men, is needed to repair our muscles from the strain it acquired from the workout and it is where the increase of size and strength takes place.

That’s why professional athletes and other sports and wellness enthusiasts are now having a craze about their recovery habits and routine. Influencers even share their healing routine in the internet. WIth a long time of research and studies, experts found out these facts:

Inflammation May Be Necessary

When we workout, there are some tiny strains occurring in your muscles. These strains undergo healing and it is when the muscles and other tissues adapt to the load you applied. How can our muscles and tissues be healed? Some people may have a common notion that inflammation is bad and should be prevented. But a study claims that stopping this process may slow down the healing and repair of your muscles. Inflammation is a normal process in healing, making your muscles stronger than before.

Taking anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen may stop the inflammation process. This activity may also hinder the recovery of the muscles, bones and other tissues that we worked out. Also ice baths, although it can only slow down and not stop the inflammatory process, can intervene with the healing process. All of these means postponing for your recovery and repair time.

You Don’t Need Countless Reminders and Charts for Your Water Intake

Many water companies and hydration drinks tell us to drink vast amounts of water every time we do training and workout. These helped them in selling many products in the market. But the real issue is not the fluid you sweat but the electrolytes that are circulating in your blood streams, available inside your body.

Everything is just simple. Follow your thirst and that’s it. Our body has a normal response to keep everything in our body balance. When you exercise and sweat, you lose electrolytes aside from losing water. With this is mind, the human brain senses this changes releasing a hormone called antidiuretic hormone (ADH) which halts the function of kidneys to excrete urine and reabsorb electrolytes and water. When everything is in balance, the brain stops releasing ADH and it’s done. Our main priority is to monitor our thirst as it is a main indicator that we already lack of body fluids.

Drinking Too Much Water Might Cause Trouble

Some experts argue that lack of hydration will cause heat stroke but their counterparts claim that the cause of this disorder is exertion and heat. There is a 20 year military data which indicates that cases of heat stroke were caused by heat stroke is only 20%. Instead of worrying about heat stroke, athletes must worry about water intoxication which will cause hyponatremia. Hypo means low and natremia means sodium in the blood, so basically this means your blood becomes diluted with excessive fluids. It is a fatal condition which can claim the lives of athletes upto five times higher than dehydration.

All Types of Stress are Still Stress

We must understand that all kinds of stress, though physical, mental and emotional, are the same. After working out or training, our body needs to recover and repair itself from the physical stress we apply. But these recovery may be halted when we encounter mental and emotional stressors such as problems at home or intrapersonal issues. Before planning a work out and training, we must plan it and minimize other sources of stress. It is advised to have great emotional support or even meditate to ease your mind from the stresses of the modern world.

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