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How to Plan Your Budget for Mobile App Development?

by Darryl Beck
How to Plan Your Budget for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development Budgetting

App development is a complex process as well as the budgeting for it. As a business owner, especially one that only owns a small or medium business, you will be hard-pressed to find the funds for application development. Look, creating mobile apps for business solutions can be expensive and SMEs might not have enough money for it.

Still, budgeting would be required if you want to have an app created for your business. This prevents two things: it prevents you from being shocked about the costs of development and it also gives you more control since you will be the one to give the estimate so that the developers will follow.

Now, if you’re reading this, I am pretty sure that you’re struggling with regards to the budget for your business’ app development. So today, I am going to give you some advice.

1. What is the Platform?

How to Plan Your Budget for Mobile App Development?As you all know, there are two prevailing mobile operating systems today, that are being used, which are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms specifically for the apple app development.

Do understand that if you are on a tight budget, putting it on a native app makes sense. A native app is an application that can only be run on one operating system.

Although it does limit your coverage somewhat, you’re still going to get the most bang-for-the-buck if you went with either platform since both of them have readily paying customers.

2. Features and Functions

This is probably the factor that will affect the pricing of the app development the most. The application that you want to be created for your business will either be cheap or inexpensive based on the number of features you want, as well as, the complexity of these said functions too.

If you are on a bind, think about the core features that you want in your application. Limit it to a maximum of 3 so that you won’t be too pressured to give more money than you have to.

3. Do You Need Integrations?

Any application that has numerous integrations will surely be an expensive one. You want to limit your integrations only to the things that you really need. For instance, you can safely add Facebook or Instagram integrations easily since they are the most widely used anyway.

4. The User Interface

How to Plan Your Budget for Mobile App Development?Here is the thing that you should remember about your apps’ design: the more complex it looks, the more expensive it would be.

Sure, you can have a “simple” app, but that is too vague of a description. Just how “simple” do you want your application to be? Do you just want a simple layout without any graphical implementations such as a video playing in the background or animations that automatically play on a specific part of your app?

5. Any Hardware Features?

Whenever your application would require any hardware integration, that would again affect the total cost of app development. For instance, if there is one key feature of your application that would require the use of the phone’s camera, then that would be an added expense.

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