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How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100%

by Darryl Beck
How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100%

How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100% of the Time

If your website backlinks are not indexed, then they are not functioning. You don’t need to worry, though. Getting those backlinks indexed is not a tricky or complicated matter especially for an internet marketing agency. Just avoid the following issues:

1. Your web content is not unique.

All of the content that comes with your backlinks must be 100 percent unique. Spun, scrapped or unoriginal content will definitely struggle in the indexing process. Remember, backlinks can become even more efficient when surrounded by excellently written web content.

2. The backlinks in your pages suck.

Are you upset that your forums and social profiles are not indexed? This is because less valuable and low-quality backlinks are not really indexed well. There is only one solution for this—acquire higher quality backlinks.

3. You are posting on spammy websites.

Never expect backlinks to come from certain websites without a proper editorial process. This is important to index properly. Several link building platforms and tools post to many websites that automatically approve backlinks. All of these platforms are considered as spam sanctuaries.

How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100%How can you get your backlinks indexed?

Utilize the following techniques to make sure that all backlinks are getting indexed.

1. Let it Happen Automatically

Possible Index Rate: High

Just let the indexing process happen. This wouldn’t be an issue if you are acquiring high-quality backlinks.

2. Create Tier 2 Links

Possible Index Rate: High

This is the second best indexing technique you can utilize.

3. Don’t Forget to Ping Your Newest Backlinks

Possible Index Rate: Low

You can still do this as an initial step. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t really hurt your strategy. Just don’t aim for a huge positive outcome from pinging.

4. Use and Explore Linklicious

Possible Index Rate: Low to Medium

Its free version functions well as an initial step, and can efficiently index your links. However, it wouldn’t really make a huge impact.

5. Utilize Web 2.0

Possible Index Rate: High

This is where you can level up your link indexing game. The first ever step in this technique is to make a web 2.0. Then, draft a new post. Paste at least 10 backlink URLs. When you use more than 10, it can improve the effectiveness of the keywords.

Publish your post, and then wait. It should index in one to two days.

6. Utilize Social Signals

Possible Index Rate: High

How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100%It is possible that our links are not yet indexed at this time. Social signals can help you manage this. It will help you with link indexing, and improving your credibility.

Monitor Your Results

Monitor every aspect of your SEO campaigns. By doing so, you can understand the outcome of your actions. If there are lack of good results, then learn from it. Note all the points for improvement. Furthermore, you can use reliable tools to track the indexation rate.

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