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5 tricks and tips to grow your E-commerce site

by Darryl Beck

The convenience of shopping online saves people not only on money, but valuable time by opting not to visit local stores anymore. People love e-commerce stores, but visiting one that is poorly designed by a ecommerce website design company with confusing policies pricing and doesn’t convey clearly what their service is, they usually leave.

E-commerce has been the platform for shoppers and customers for discovery and convenience. It is an easy and enjoyable experience with a very simple process where you can order what you want with just a few clicks of a button. Sadly, many of these sites do not deliver the same promise as they fail to clarify what they offer which leaves customers hanging.

This article will explore on the aspects of what makes the e-commerce sites successful, and the mistakes to avoid when building your profitable business.

Implement plenty of ways to search for Products

There are plenty of different ways customers are looking for what they want. Some of them already have in mind what they want, while some customers only have a vague idea of what they are looking for. That’s why websites must implement different ways on searching and navigate for the items that they have to cater to different kinds of customers.

You can also help give ideas to your customers by showcasing in your homepage featured on content or products. End by asking your customers to provide feedback on the products in exchange for small tokens of appreciation which helps in creating new content in your site.

Convenience is the key

Keep the task of combing through a vast number of information is inconvenient for your customer as it leads to frustration and it will drive them leaving the site. To avoid this from happening, design a product page that is clean and detailed and gives them the option to compare some of the products. Simplify the process from your product pages to the checkout and ensure that it is a smooth transaction for your customers.

Make customer understand why they need to choose you

Show your customers right off the bat why they should purchase from your site and choose your services. Educate them with what you offer, what you are all about and what value you can offer to them as your customer.


Advanced features are a plus

Consider what other services you can offer to your customers – it can be through implementing a tracking of their orders, gift wrapping, issuance of receipts, product returns, and personalized cards or notes. Small things like these go a long way to customer satisfaction.

Surprises are a no no

Be transparent with your customers with what they should expect when shopping from you. They don’t want to go through all the trouble of scouring your site for what they want then being surprised in the end with undesirables. Customers usually have 3 concerns that you have to address:


  • Their security and privacy


People value their privacy and would usually go for sites that they can somehow trust to keep their personal details private and secure. Ensure them by building up their trust by providing them your security policies and extra measures in keeping their identities safe.


  • Surprise charges


Hidden charges leave a bad taste in the mouth of your customers. Provide to them an upfront clear pricing and shipping prices.


  • Product returns


Customers get peace of mind when the store they just shopped is in stand behind their products, and at the same time easing their concern should their product have problems.

To conclude, make sure your site has a clear definition of what your business is, be transparent with what you offer and educate them with value to keep sticking with you.

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