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5 Social Media Practices for Small Businesses

by Darryl Beck

Do you own a small business but has not started marketing on social media? You might be missing out on some of the good things social media can offer. As of 2017, there are already 2.5 billion users on social media. The numbers are continuing to grow now that technology is also advancing. If you have yet to try your luck on social media marketing, here are some things to consider before getting started:

1.Come up with a plan.

Start things off by creating goals and objectives. From there, you can map out the other things. If you already have existing accounts, focus on improving them rather than starting over again. Take a look at each platform and see the analytics. What are the most effective platforms? This leads us to our second point.

2.Identify the platforms that suit your niche.

Based on the audit you have, you can figure out the platforms that will give you better results. The most popular of social media for businesses is Facebook. But there are also great avenues to create engagement. You can also reach your audience through Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you are planning to come up with more visual content, explore Pinterest and Instagram.

3.Know your audience’s traits and behaviors.

How old are your target audience? What are they doing to make a living and what are their respective salaries? These things are some of the factors that clearly influence their capacity to avail your products or services. What interests your target audience? What do they like to do during their free time? What makes them happy or sad? Aside from having an idea about their traits, it is also important to get insights about their demographics. You could get those information from social media but there are other means to do it. You can conduct surveys, and even conduct interviews to understand these people better. Focus groups can also help you collect data.

4.Apply the 80/20 rule.

According to the Pareto rule, businesses or even individuals promoting on social media should create more engagement rather than marketing their businesses. The majority of your posts, which is around 80% of your total posts, should focus on your customers. This involves producing valuable content and creating an engagement. The rest is dedicated for your selling and promotional moves.

5.Produce visual content as much as possible.

Do not forget that humans are naturally virtual creatures. Your followers will likely remember if you share graphics, photos, and videos rather than purely text content. Make sure to incorporate visuals regardless your chosen platform. These types of content are the ones that get more engagement value. Just make sure that your visuals are completely related to your content.

There you go! These are just the basics. Along the way, you will learn the more advanced skills, such as optimizing your social media pages and making use of tools. For now, apply these things as you are yet to establish your name in social media.

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